Zeus Jones and “say vs do”

Here’s a new and quite interesting agency/company that deserves a few notes: Zeus Jones was founded a few months ago by a group of adv professionals, including the former Strategic Planning Directors at Fallon, Rob White and Adrian Ho.

The whole concept of Zeus Jones is to use ” marketing to do things for their customers instead of just saying things to them”.

My view at this mission is that it’s everything but innovative: marketing was born to provide life improvement, in the form of products, to a growing number of people, that would be defined as consumers.

Bad marketing later evolved into coming up with loads of senseless products and trying to shove it down consumers’ throats, with a number of reasons, including paying off college tuition for the many kids of the company executives, but helping consumers was definitely not one of them.

What’s really interesting about Zeus Jones is how they communicate their mission: they believe that their clients should do instead of say, and, well, they act alike. (A pretty unique example of an agency following those same advices it gives its clients)

Check out their website: http://www.zeusjones.com/

 It’s worth it.

Final Burp: of all the many things you say, what can you do?


One response to “Zeus Jones and “say vs do”

  1. They are excellent eh? Finally we are seeing the revolution, but what about the UK? We started a couple of months ago, still in our infancy but check out http://www.slideshare.net/callcottmarketing. We thought the agency remuneration, structure, skills and bias made for such unproductive ideas we set about designing a new company (half agency, half consultancy) to create ideas that are more productive. Like ZJ we only think you should get paid if you create the value.

    I relaly like your point about ‘old’ and ‘bad’ marketing, it was exactly right. All we are doing is righting the wrongs of the industry!

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