Consumers don’t love us anymore. Those little bastards…

Here’s something that shows with brutal clarity why marketing and consumers don’t get along anymore.

It’s something we’ve been trying to talk our clients through for quite a while (people won’t love you more if you sell yourself for cheaper, or if you just find more and more ways to shout at them), but hopefully this video will be more convincing than our worn-out words.

And what’s most grotesque about it is that this web film was produced by Microsoft: yes, that old, boring, slow company that always seem to gasp behind everyone else, and “not get it”.

They do.

We better hope our clients get it soon, too.

Final Burp: Was money ever the key for a long romance?


2 responses to “Consumers don’t love us anymore. Those little bastards…

  1. Yes it was, that is until you get married.
    Well I don’t see Microsoft as an old, boring and slow company. Just look at what they did with Silverlight and the great job that Hugh is doing for them at Of course it’s a HUGE company so inconsistent messages are still coming (like the recurring thoughts about using patents against open source software), but they’re slowly getting there.
    2 suggestions for your blog mate:
    1) allow full post in an RSS aggregator (you’re just pissing me off by forcing me to get out of Google reader to read your posts)
    2) Learn embedding videos (this post would have looked so muche better with the video embedded)

  2. One of reasons why I see MS as old and boring, or actually one of the evidences: since this blog started from advertising (or my mortage, but they’re related), let’s take a look at how MS communicates to the large crowd of their consumers (and not the blogosphere niche).
    They are coming up with Vista, (supposedly) such a powerful breakthrough product that it’s just…Wow! And what they do?
    They make up a commercial with a bunch of people saying “wow” following situations that have nothing to do with Vista, and then they staple their new product’s logo on it, expecting you to believe…what? That you should trust vista to be a wow product because actors on the commercial were paid to say “WOW” in front of anything but vista??

    What MS could have done was either: 1) deliver the Vista experience, so viewers would feel the “wow”, or 2) broadcast an amazing commercial about vista, so viewers themselves (and not actors paid to do it) would say “Wow”.

    But that’ld have been too…too what? Smart? Daring? Too Apple, maybe?*

    *And this comes from a heavy-and-steady user of PCs, not of Macs.

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