More news from Cannes: making money brings awards

Going far beyond the concepts of traditional advertising, Crispin Porter & Bogusky created a new product line and revenue stream for Burger King with the Xbox games campaigns that won the Cannes Lions Titanium Grand Prix.

 Remember that post about agencies cashing on their ideas, and becoming partly entrepreneurs?

It seems that by developing and selling 3 million copies of the Burger King videogame for Xbox at €3.99, not only did Crispin, Porter & Bogusky (yes, them again…) make money. They also won the Grand Prix in Titanium.

Now, while winning an adv award doesn’t mean much, the Titanium is something different. It awards breakthrough innovations in what advertising can mean, which is a fancy way to say: “What the f–k? I never thought an adv agency could do that!!”

As you can see, it’s quite distant from other categories, that you approach wondering: “What will be this year’s new execution of the same old stuff we’ve been seeing for years?”, or “Oh, wow. A nice pic with a tiny packshot and a catchy headline. Let’s get food.”

Having said this, last year I was in Cannes, and the Titanium was sadly gathering the least spectators among all categories. Which is insane, being it the most creative category in a festival that should gather creative people from all around the world.

I wonder how many people have been attending it this year.

Final Burp: The Burger King videogame sold 3 million copies, and it was only available for Xbox. How good did this do to Microsoft, in its struggle with Sony Playstation?


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