4 responses to “What kind of account planner is under threat?

  1. Strategic ideas are what we do, I would never suggest otherwise.


    What makes a strategic idea powerful?

    In this time when it’s hard to generate attention- what ensures people see it, feel it and do something about it?

    How do you inform multiple creative and media partners on the potential of this idea?

    It’s your job.

    Who would you want on your team?

    Planner A

    Who generated a wonderful, insightful strategic platform, but hands it over to others to make it powerful.

    Planner B

    Who comes armed with an insightful strategic idea and has ideas on how to use media , knows the creative potential of different channels and has a willingness to collaborate to make the idea even more powerful.

    I would want to work wih Planner B, but that’s just me..

  2. I totally agree with Ed. Let’s get our hands dirty. Remember, creative and accounts were doing well good before planners came around. So let’s give them a reason to believe they need us. Let’s give them quantity.

  3. Well, if you ask me whether I would prefer a planner who would provide a great idea, or one who’ld provide a great idea + a brilliant activation platorm, of course I’ld go with the latter. But that’s too easy, it’s like asking a woman if she’ld rather have a gorgeous man, or a gorgeous + sensitive man.

    If we could have the talent, recources and time to get our hands on everything, then we should, but at least in my experience, we don’t: everyday I have to choose whether I should spend some time to turn a brand idea into an activation plan, or move over to an equity strategy for another brand. So the question would be: what must we necessarily stick to, because it’s at the core of our job, and what instead can we hand over to someone who’s just as talented, but has a different specialization?

    Moreover, I see a risk in what Ed is saying: a powerful idea is such if creatives and other ad people can see its potential. If you think that you have to spend a significant amount of time to inform your patners of the potential of an idea, either there’s something wrong in the people you’re working with, or in the idea itself.

    (By the way, I’m the first willing to collaborate with pretty much anyone, everytime I get the chance and time to do so.)

    P.S. Luca, what do you mean by give them quantity?

  4. I mean let’s give creatives quantity in stimuli. A deep insight, tons of stuff around that insight. The more the better (of course I don’t mean idiscriminately). I think a what a planner has to give is quantity while a creative should choose those who are qualitatively in tune with his thought. But, again, this is my idea and it takes a creative you are really in tune with to work like this.

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