Omino Bianco: bringing value to clothes

One of the major problems in the marketing of clothes detergents is that not only detergents are becoming commodities, with private labels growing and retailers squeezing margins: clothes themseles are becoming more replaceable, and therefore less worthy of a pricy products.

There’s about 80% of our closet that is made of clothes we often replace, either because they get out of fashion or because it only takes 5€ and a trip to H&M to get a new one. So why bother spending excessive money on detergents to take good care of them?

Then there’s the remaining 20% of our closet that is made of clothes that can’t be replaced. Not even if you find the very same one, same size, same color, same fit. It wouldn’t be the same.

This is a print campaign from Omino Bianco, a clothes detergent and stain remover brand. (I personally think it’ld suit postcards better)

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2 responses to “Omino Bianco: bringing value to clothes

  1. It isn’t a postcard, but an album’s photo (this is where “the memories” come in). usually your own picture isn’t printed on postcards.

  2. I agree it’ld fit better a postcard-size, since it is the same as a photo-size, on the other hand I agree with Dominique that a photo is not a post-card.

    A photo is a photo, is a photo, is a photo, is a photo .

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