Why not an Ikea shop?

I love Ikea. We all do. Well, not all, but you get the point.

Still, there’s something I don’t get about Ikea.

A couple weeks ago I was downtown looking for home accessories for my roommate: blankets, towels, cups… We were forced to tour a number of shops, and eventually landed to Muji to finally get some decent, but excessively overpriced blankets.

We spent the whole time wondering why Ikea wouldn’t open some Ikea shops downtown, where it’ld sell all those cheap yet stylish accessories that urban residents would love to find in one place, without having to get the car, drive to the suburbs and waste all afternoon cursing next to frenzy families with their screaming children.

The point is, when we need some spare accessories we often DO already want Ikea. We like them. We know they’re good. They’re cheap. They’re just not worh the saturday afternoon nightmare.

I don’t think that having Ikea shops downtown would significantly decrease sales in current stores, because:

a) it would make up for more missed purchase for those many times that consumers stick with downtown stores (like my friend did), than merely substitute suburbing visits with urban visits;

b) it would not hurt furniture sales, because I’ld guess that it is furniture driving the sales of accessories in large stores, rather than the other way around.

So, unless there are significant problems in terms of logistics, I don’t see why they haven’t come up with that anywhere in the world (at least that I know of). Can anyone explain that?

Final Burp: marketing is usually about selling unwanted stuff to people that don’t want to hear from you. Having consumers eagerly waiting to buy more from you, in more and more occasions, should be every marketer’s utopia.


3 responses to “Why not an Ikea shop?

  1. Ikea doens’t do urban. Not at least in the US. They understand our car culture.

    They have a strategic plan for stores, and “downtowns” don’t enter into it. They really orient their stores to be a certain size (HUGE not small), a certain way and to appeal to interstate drivers with large vehicles coming to fill up for the bimonthly or bi yearly trip.
    In europe they have stores more in town, but they do public transport. We don’t thus the interstate strategy.

    Also for them , smaller stores dilutes the brand the’ve built for a all in compassing home store. They are a packed destination, not a half stocked way point.

  2. Thank you for your post. I will bookmark your site. What is your recommend shop for the home equpment.

  3. Aside from Ikea, I haven’t found a single destination, and I’m forced to visit Habitat, Muji, and dozens of other places…

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