Intro thoughts on movie promotion

This video is actually the first 2’28” of “Music & Lyrics” (translated in Italy as “Scrivimi una canzone”).

For those of you who are not familiar with the film, it’s the story of Alex Fletcher, a has-been pop star from the ’80s (Hugh Grant) who’s offered a second chance at stardom by writing a song for a famous britneysh fictional popstar (By saying this I don’t imply that Britney is in any way real…)

In the film this video is used to introduce Alex Fletcher and his old band (the Pops) and it’s just, well,  brilliant!

The hairstyle, the moves, the shirts, the way instruments are (not) played, the visual effects, the dancing doctor (my favorite) make it look at the same time very realistic and dropdead funny.

I don’t know if this happened anywhere in the world, but running this video on Mtv would have been a terrific way to promote the film.

After watching “Cloverfield” I’ve been thinking at how the movie industry promotes its films, and this provides additional food for thought for a later post.

Final Burp: Actually it’s not about how to promote a certain content. It’s about wondering what that content is.


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