Mr T, Snickers, and the irony of censorship


I’m kinda late on this, as the whole Mr T – Snickers Ad is now quite a few days old, and that means ages in blogging years. I thought I could post on Paris Hilton running for president, but that’s old news too, already, so I’ll stick with Mr T.

The story is simple: Mr T shoots Snickers at a speedwalker, calling him a disgrace to the man race and demanding that next time he walks like a man. Tagline: Get some nuts! (With “Nuts” being the obvious link between Mr T and Snickers…)

The ad went on air in UK, raising lots of laughs and little or no complaints, but then it hit the US, and this time it wasn’t the conservative religious fanatics that would get all hysterical about it: it was the Human Rights Campaign, on behalf of the gay community.

As a result, the ad was pulled. But not just in the US. Globally. (Why????)

I can’t help but think that the Human Rights Campaign reaction was very stupid, for a few reasons:

1) On a general principle, these self-appointed lobbysts should first verify what kind of consensus they have on the issue, within the community they claim to represent. In this case, I think lots of homosexuals would have deemed this ad just stupidly funny, because it is stupidly funny. Funny as shit, and that’s about it.

2) Chances are, they bought right into Mars’ plan: the ad now counts 600k+ views on youtube that are likely to grow significantly over time, and “Mr T Snickers” produces 1million+ results on Google. An easy way to buy worldwide visibility for one of the so many funny ads that are produced every year.

3) And this is where it gets ironic: Mr T was making fun of a speedwalker,  and there is no evidence whatsoever of a correlation between speedwalking and homosexuality. By implying that correlation, based upon the awkward movements of the athlete, the Human Rights Campaign falls into that very stereotype of gay men that it’s supposed to fight.

By claiming that the ad encourages violence against gay people, the HRC is stating that, in crude words, all gays are faggots. Well done!


Final Burp: An ad being pulled globally because one pressure group in one country has deemed it offensive. Now think at the implications of this.


One response to “Mr T, Snickers, and the irony of censorship

  1. Mr. T is the man and pulling the ad is stupid! I mean what year do we live in, last time I checked it was 2008 for pity sake.
    I just downloaded Mr. T’s voice from for my GPS and I love it. But my question is, am I meant to get offended every time I make a wrong turn and he calls me a fool or something? On that note, I also got Kim Cattrall from Navtones, can I claim she is sexually harassing me when she says, “Lets just pull over and get in the backseat, that’s bigger enough for us two, or maybe three”?
    The Snickers ad is just an ad and with them pulling it, it’s probably getting more attention than it would have if it just came out. (Pun)
    “Get Some Nuts.”

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