Crispin, Porter, Bogusky, Gates, part 2: here it is. (And no Seinfeld)

So apparently the teasing is over, and here is the real PC campaign:

First, spare thoughts:

  1. It’s Crispin, Porter+Bogusky, but not enough. Unfortunately.
  2. It’s Microsoft, but not too much. Thanks God.
  3. There’s no revolutionary thought behind this: just a brand that makes the world go round showing some newly found pride.
  4. Maybe that’s enough of a revolution. It invites PC users not to be ashamed of themselves, and that’s the first step for Microsoft to regain status.
  5. Of course, it can’t fix Vista. If it sucks, it sucks.

We’ll see where it leads. It’s a thin balance between cool pride and boring boasting, as you can tell if you compare the 60″ cut with the (less intriguing) 30″.

Oh, as of today, evening of the day after the campaign launched, GMT+1, the 60″ cut by DuncansTV (the WindowsVideos channel doesn’t feature it yet) has less than 5.000 views on youtube.

The 30″ cut less than 20.000.

Too little.


Final Burp: a comment from a colleague here at Dare. “This is an ad for Windows, which you can install in a PC or in a MAC (Which is a PC with MacOS preinstalled)”


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