Who is Johnny X?

The specific answer will only come on Friday, so I don’t know.

The broad answer is: the launch campaign for the new Sony Ericsson X1, the first convergence device from the new Xperia sub-brand. (Disclaimer: it’s been produced by the agency who I work for, and who, therefore, pays for my mortgage.)

We could spend days and days in a serious conversation on convergence devices, but why bother, given that the main users of such devices are too busy crashing the world economy, and chances are they’re not going to need one when they’re done?

So, let’s focus on the content instead. A basic insight about mobile phones is that, by always being with us and having grown more and more sophisticated, they literally embed all our life: people we know, places we have been, things we have to do…

The downside is that you don’t need to be Paris Hilton to know that if someone gets a hold of your phone, your whole life is exposed.

On the other hand, should you lose your memory, your mobile phone would be the right place to start getting it back. And this is what happens to Johnny X.


Final Burp: I wondered what’d happen to me, if I lost my memory or someone found my phone, so I went through the last numbers I called on my mobile phone, and looked at what kind of picture they’d paint of myself. It’s interesting, you should all try it.


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