Marketing for the stupid: Diamond Shreddies



Straight out of Most Contagious 2008,  here comes evidence that one should never underestimate the amount of stupid people around, and the extent of their stupidity.

In nutshell, Shreddie is a traditional canadian wheaty lattice, that has benefitted from a ridiculous yet extremely successful product innovation, devised by Ogilvy:  as Contagious puts it, “they simply turned the square at a 45 degree angle, and rebranded it Diamond Shreddies. No kidding.”

This dramatic move resulted in an 18% increase in sales. As well as in a letter by an angry customer complaining that “he’d bought a packet of Diamond Shreddies and was disappointed to find that only half the packet contained diamonds and the rest were merely squares”.

At that point, with yet another act of pure genius, Ogilvy introduced the “combo pack” with 66% diamonds and 33% squares.

Now, half of me is tempted to believe that this is all a hoax, but the other half of me thinks it’s all real. The latter is the part that meets real people, every day.

(On the other hand, if it’s all just a joke I guess I can be classified as a fool myself…)


Final Burp: Never underestimate stupidity.


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