Predictions for 2009: a year in mobile



Here’s the first of a few predictions for 2009, kindly offered by TrendsSpotting.

This first presentation offers a wide range of views on the mobile industry, like:

“Modelling Apple’s AppStore and iTunes services (Microsoft, Nokia Ovi, RIM)”.  Ok, this is an easy one.

“Big Guns in online retailing eye new opportunities in mobile”. Ok. How about offline retailing? That’s where mobile can play a unique role.

“The Always-Connected lifestyle calls for MOSOSO” (=Mobile Social Solutions). The question is: when will they become mainstream? (btw, it won’t happen thanks to the iPhone. No, it won’t)

“These devices […] will serve as a remote control to many of our electronic touch points, such as: purchasing retail items through scanning, turning on our cars/GPS systems, videconferencing with our friends…”. Now we’re talking. But they’re going to do more than that. (And btw, why would people want to videoconference with friends? No, seriously)


Final Burp: All the coming-up breakthrough innovations predicted for 2009 have already been experimented with in 2008. How about doing some good old hardware innovation, and increase the battery life now that the same phones that were originally designed to talk are being used to browse the web and show videos?


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