Predictions for 2009: Social Media

Ok ok, everyone’s talking about social media, it’s gone mainstream, there’s plenty of parliamentary petitions all over the world that take Facebook more seriously than they should, and we’re all tired of it. Still, social media is here to stay. At least for 2009.



“Friend Synchronization Tools”, as well as “Tools to reduce noice, deal with RSS overload

“Doors are going to close all over the social web. The money didn’t come the way people thought it would”. Interesting, but I doubt it’s going to  happen. Money always flows to the latest trends that everyone talks about, especially in uncertain times.

“B2B goes social media” Yes, this is something I would bet on. (If I had any money, of course.)

“Google will buy Twitter

“Mobile marketing takes off”. I wish.

“Live: as it happens content”. Now, this would be interesting.

“People will really become the media”


Final Burp: Social media will not dictate trends, it will deliver them.


One response to “Predictions for 2009: Social Media

  1. Interesting – I have found tools such as Facebook increasing momentum as we speak. Friends and contacts I had not come across in years are catching on to Facebook and allowing for us to now keep in touch as well catch up with one another. Another value that I find social media offers is to promote your activities, such as a business or blog, in a low key way. For these reasons I agree with your assessment, social media is here to stay and will push the latest trends.

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